Recording and Producing

Session player for both in-person and remote recording

Dan is a highly skilled and enthusiastic multi-instrumentalist with perfect pitch, an uncanny ability to name chords, and experience recorded on and producing over 100 albums across diverse genres.

Dan works quickly in the studio and is able to elevate almost any recording with the addition of one or a layering of the instruments he plays including:

  • acoustic 6 and/or 12 string rhythm or lead guitar (finger style, blues, folk, strumming, travis picking, slide acoustic)
  • electric guitar
  • harmonica
  • bass
  • Dobro
  • mandolin
  • Resophonic slide guitar
  • ukulele
  • 4 and 5 string banjo
  • autoharp
  • dum kit, hand drums, and percussion
  • harmony vocals

Equipped with both home studio as well as several high quality local recording studio options, Dan is easily able to record remotely for projects out of the area.

If you're interested in strings, his partner Laurel Thomsen is also available for projects needing violin, viola, and cello. Details about her recording services can be found here

Contact Dan to discuss your recording project, rates, and availability.

Producing and On-site Recording

With experience producing over 100 albums, Dan is excited to help you birth your next acoustic project. Bringing a fine sense of dynamic function, production, and mic’ing and mixing techniques, Dan will help you achieve professional results. With high quality microphones, a portable 24 track recording studio, and affordable rates, Dan is a great one-stop shop for the production and recording of your next demo or album.

Dan is also available to oversee any stage of the recording process, from coaching in the early stages so a band or artist can enter the studio setting feeling polished and ready to make the most of their studio time, to working alongside your engineer to ensure your mix has all the elements of a classic recording.

Contact Dan to talk rates and availability.