Over 100 albums of original material now available on BandCamp!

I'm excited to have a new home studio, rebuilt after a forest fire last year burned down the old one, and to have all my gear finally out of storage. I'm writing new songs and now have recorded over 100 albums of original material. What can I say, I love writing and recordings songs and it just happened! Check it out, only on Bandcamp. For best results, download music at minimum 320 MP3. Enjoy!

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Dan Frechette is one of Winnipeg’s best loved performers and composers.

Why Bandcamp?

In August 2020 while I was evacuated due to a forest fire, a few fans bought my entire 80+ album digital discography which paid to replace the groceries for a whole month which I'd had to leave behind. It would take hundreds of millions of plays on the popular streaming services for me to have a similar amount of "play-dough." Listeners pay for such services monthly, but only a few cents here and there make it into the hands and bellies of the artists actually creating the music.

The gratitude I feel towards Bandcamp.com is sent out to the cosmos daily. They offer a platform where you're free to upload as many albums as you like and they only take a small percentage of your sales in return. If you look up a photo of their staff, it's easy to see that these are good folks. Most other platforms have done away with downloads entirely and offer musicians such a low rate per play (where it would take well over 100 plays to make a single penny), I can't support them and hand over my music. Despite the convenience of having every song ever recorded at your fingertips, you shouldn't either. Too many musicians are dying of exposure these days, while non-musician gate-keepers get rich.

If you'd like to enjoy my music, besides the hard copies I tote to my live shows, you can find it exclusively on Bandcamp.com