Lessons with Dan

Private lessons: in-person + online

Guitar (acoustic, electric, slide), Banjo (clawhammer and 5-string), Mandolin, Ukulele, Bass, Harmonica

Whether you're interested in delivering staggering renditions of your favorite cover tunes, playing lead across multiple genres, including Bluegrass, Blues, Ragtime, Folk, and Rock, accompanying lead instruments or vocals with unshakable rhythm skills, or fleshing out your own tunes and riffs, I'm certain that some time together, whether you are a beginner or more experienced professional, will help launch you to the next level of confidence, skill, and enthusiasm.

In teaching string instruments, I especially enjoy sharing the subtleties of various picking techniques and patterns (including flatpick, slide, and fingerpick), rhythm accompaniment techniques and patterns for vocals/lyrics, and various stylistic forms. Solo and rhythm oriented guitarists also enjoy learning my “one-man-band” style which allows students to combine rhythm, bass, and lead lines all at once.

I've been making a living at music for over 20 years, playing theaters, house concerts, and the main stages of major festivals, including the Winnipeg and Edmonton Folk Festivals and the Suwanee Springfest upon countless others as a internationally touring singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. A number of my songs have been covered by major artists around the world and I've formed bands and backed up many talented artists throughout the US and Canada. I enjoy giving students a real hands on working knowledge of playing and performing that they can quickly apply to any solo, band, or ensemble setting they may encounter. Serious students learn to become “musicians”, not just “technicians”, internalizing the principles of good tone, rhythm, and a functional palate of expressive techniques.

Please be in touch to check my availability to take on new weekly students. I am also always available for the occasional "brush up" lesson with a more experienced player to focus on a specific challenge or open up new expressive concepts and skills.

I am available for lessons in my Bonny Doon studio, in your home in Santa Cruz county, at various tour stops throughout North America and Europe, and also online via Skype (or FaceTime, Zoom, or Facebook video chat) to students around the world.

Please email me at dan@ramblingdan.com to discuss your options and whether lessons with me might be a good fit.

Songwriting Coaching

I enjoy coaching songwriters and aspiring songwriters to make their ideas memorable, engaging, and concise. Both privately and in workshop I enjoy helping students and songwriters find their muse, melody, and rhythm.

Offerings for every level of student:
• exercises to spark students’ creativity
• songwriting basics, including stylistic forms and prosody
• honing lyrics, including lyric rhythm, rhyme, and meter
• shaping chords and melody, including natural lyric melody, instrumental riffs and hooks, accompaniment, and arrangement
• performance topics, including presentation, stage presence, managing anxiety, and audience engagement

I am available for songwriting coaching during the week in person on the California Central Coast and at various tour stops, and now online via Skype to songwriting students around the world.

For songwriting lesson rates and availability, in person or online via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and other video platforms, please contact me at dan@ramblingdan.com .

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