Event Music

In addition to his career as a songwriter and musical artist, Dan Frechette has been singing and performing for public and private events for over 25 years. With an unshakable knowledge of the mythical popular songs of the last century, from oldies 50’s to 70’s music, 1960’s Motown numbers, to Blues, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, and Boogie Woogie, and the brilliant songbooks such as Lennon/McCartney, Jagger/Richards, Bacharach/David, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel, as well as 80’s tunes and some more recent hits, Dan has your favorites covered for any party, wedding, corporate event, opening, or reception.

After graduating high school in the 1990’s, Dan traveled the world as a street entertainer, performing in places such as Dublin, Ireland and Stuttgart, Germany. He quickly found out that in order to survive as a street musician he had to learn to make people smile. He has since traveled all over Canada and the United States and performed everything from gas stations to major music festivals, including the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Edmonton Folk Festival, Suwanee Springfest in Florida, and the Lake Eden Arts Festival in North Carolina. Taj Mahal and the late Doc Watson have shaken his hand, as well as Gordon Lightfoot and the late Townes Van Zandt.

Over the years Dan Frechette has written an impressive number of original songs and has toured over two dozen albums featuring these songs to his credit. He is a diverse performer who believes in the Bruce Springsteen school of performing - “Give It All You Got To Make The People Happy”.

Dan plays several instruments, though when performing as a “one-man-band” prefers harmonica and acoustic guitar. As needed or requested he can also perform on mandolin, autoharp,12 string guitar, bass, electric guitar, dobro, ukulele, banjo, some piano and drums, and slide guitar. He is also available with various ensembles, from violin-guitar duo to full band.

Dan Frechette enjoys playing for both intimate and large groups, in both formal and informal settings. Offstage he is unassuming and relaxed. When he gets onstage he will gladly perform as background music, setting the mood for weddings, receptions, cocktail and happy hours, parties, and corporate events, or as needed, kick into high gear, and have everyone dancing and singing along. Dan is always utilizing his skills as an observant, charming, and passionate entertainer to ensure memorable and joyous events.

View his repertoire of popular cover tunes here.