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Dan Frechette is a eclectic and exceptionally prolific multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter inspired by jazz, blues, and folk music from the 30's to the 70's, with a voice that holds a similar timbre to Don Henley, and a refreshing and memorable songwriting style in the spirit of Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong and Paul Simon. Dan's signature guitar playing style is a beaming nod to the masters of the guitar: Pete Townshend, Norman Blake and Doc Watson. 

Making a living as a performer and recording artist for over 25 years, Dan Frechette is equally at home in the spotlight as he is as a session and backup player, able to change styles to suit an audience or recording situation at the drop of a tip in his hat. 

As anyone who has ever met Dan can attest, he is a living, breathing folk festival. Dan took his obsession with music to the extreme, recording over 40 solo albums to date, learning to play 15 instruments in a multiple genres on his recordings and for those of others, and composing lyrics and music to well over 1400 original songs, which garnered the attention of major publishing which signed him a deal when he was 17. 

Dan now spends most of the year on the road touring with his lovely wife, the amazing violinist/composer/singer Laurel Thomsen, as the original Roots-Folk duo Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen. His travels have taken him all over the globe, performing many major folk festivals, and through his example he has inspired a few closet superstars to dedicate their livelihoods to music. His most well known and covered songs are "Who Will Take My Place,” "The Mists Of Down Below,” "My Bride and I,”  "Goodbye Monday,” and "Hurricane Heart,” among others. 


“One of the most talented songwriters I’ve heard in a long time” – SingOut Magazine.

"Dan's positive energy radiates... I noticed that anywhere he was, people were smiling. That's a rare and precious quality." - James Hurley,


“Dan Frechette has never written a song I don’t like.” - Ismaila Alfa,

CBC Radio.

“You write so well, and play so well. I can’t believe you aren’t cranking out hits for some publisher, if not recording them yourself. - Doc MacLean, Canadian Blues Music Legend.

“Dan is an outstanding singer/songwriter/performer. I am a big fan. He’s also a wonderful person. How very fortunate that you had Dan perform in your town.” – John Einarson,

music author

“Dan’s concert was one of the most beautiful shows I have ever been to.   Genuine, pure and amazing musician with stories and songs just bursting from his heart……and the humour factor topped off one fantastic evening! We get to do it all over again Tues. night on my radio program….my heart is bursting with joy.” – Susan Hastings,

radio personality

“…true blue blues, front to back, and as authentic, experienced and soul-on-sleeve as they come.” —Jen Zoratti,

Uptown Magazine


“Dan Frechette is one of Winnipeg’s best loved performers and composers..”


“Dan’s ability to combine all the elements of writing, arranging, playing, singing and performing in a seemingly effortless fashion has been pretty much beyond comprehension. As far as I’m concerned, he is pretty much in the same league as the most luminary of the luminaries. It was kind of like being asked to play guitar for Neil Young or Gordon Lightfoot or Glen Campbell.” – Dave Epp,

lead guitarist of The Dylanaires


Dan Frechette Bio

Discography (Visit here)

Mixed Genre

  1. Life Is A Party, 2019

  2. There’s a Train, 2019

  3. Sing and Sail With Me, 2019

  4. These Bridges of Time, 2019

  5. The Lost Songs of Our Hearts, 2019

  6. Soundmaker, 2019

  7. Impressions, 2019

  8. A Cowboy Losing His Dog, 2019

  9. Return to Zero, 2018

  10. Jasmine Dreams, Vol. 2, 2018

  11. Waking the Wild Dawn, 2018

  12. All the Paths I Know, 2018

  13. Tucson Lullaby, 2018

  14. Revelations, 2018

  15. Tecopa, 2017

  16. Jasmine Dreams Vol. 1, 2016

  17. Fading Sunset Town, 2016

  18. Praying for the World, 2016

  19. Dawning of a New Day, 2012

  20. The Latin Reggae Album, 2012

  21. A Quick Walk with Me, 2007

  22. Lucky Day, 2005

  23. Dan Frechette Archives, 1990-1993


  1. Sings the Blues, 2017

  2. Going All the Way, 2012

  3. Nothing to Lose But the Blues, 2011

  4. Blues Tape, 2010


  1. Genuine Heart, 2014

  2. Songs of Woody Guthrie, 2012

  3. Hello, Goodbye Town, 2012

  4. Dixieland Album, 2012

  5. Life Without Home, 2000

  6. Vision, 1995


  1. Deal with the Devil, 2011

  2. Motel 75, 2000

  3. Post ’76, 1996


  1. The Bluegrass Album, 2012

  2. A Tease Done Bluegrass, 2012

  3. Hitting the Hard Road Straight, 2008


  1. Something Left to Give, 2013

  2. Woman, 2012

  3. Songs of Love and Pathos, 2012

  4. Living in a Dream, 1992


  1. Live at Pistol River, 2014

  2. Performer, 2009

  3. Live in Minneapolis, 1994

Dan and Laurel

  1. Driving By Candlelight, 2018

  2. Between the Rain, 2016

  3. New Disguise, 2015

  4. Dan and Laurel, 2013


Dan’s instruments:

  1. -Mandolin

  2. -Resophonic slide guitar

  3. -ukulele

  4. -autoharp

  5. -banjo

  6. -percussion